Convert it into a place where you can soothe your senses after a hard day’s work.
A bathroom renovation is a highly desired home improvement, but many homeowners put off making updates due to the perceived cost. Fortunately, you don’t need a complete remodel to get the bathroom of your dreams — nor do you need to break the bank.
Bidet Seats deliver the functionality of a bidet, fixed onto an existing toilet. This will replace the toilet seat with a bidet seat which is hooked onto you existing water connection. The electronic bidets or E-Bidets meanwhile would require a power connection. With the SpaLet E-Bidet Toilet Seat, you can enjoy enhanced hygiene and personal[...]
When you think of your bathroom, what comes to mind? A place you’re in and out of quickly while getting ready for the day or winding down for the night? Your bathroom can be more than just a utilitarian space. By adding certain bathroom amenities, you can transform your bathroom into a calming oasis that serves as a retreat from everyday stressors.
Looking to plan bathroom renovation? The bathroom is simply the most heavily used area in your home. Therefore, it is essential to renovate the bathroom from time to time to keep the place Beautiful, Purposeful and Safe.
Anyone would agree that most of us lead busy, stress-filled lives, and we could all use some relaxation and self-pampering. Unfortunately, the reality is that it’s not always possible to squeeze a getaway into our hectic schedules.
With the festive season here, it is necessary to do a quick spring clean before guests arrive for your annual house gathering.But aside from fluffing up the throw pillows or trimming the tree, there’s one other important room that every guest would notice – the bathroom.
Towels are an absolute necessity for your bathroom routine, so we tend to just use any old towel without much thought! But, now is the time to put a little consideration into the towels you choose to ensure that it meets both your purpose and style needs!
Many of us just throw our dirty towels in the wash without much care, but this is not sustainable maintaining their original fluffiness and making them last years. However, with a careful washing routine, you can keep your bathroom towels in fresh, quality condition for longer – read our best tips on how to!