The beauty behind the ceramic throne

Often taken for granted, the toilet is both a marvel and a necessity for modern sanitation.

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Commode. Potty. Throne.

However you choose to call it, the truth is that the toilet offers one of the greatest convenience to our daily lives. Yet it is often underappreciated, merely seen as a tool for a "quick deposit" but rarely admired for its form, functionality and beauty.

If you are renovating a toilet or building a new one, this may be a good time to rethink the features that go into your ceramic throne that will make it a joy to use.

Finding a design just for you

For starters, look for one that fits your lifestyle and preferences. The design is important - not only is the toilet bowl something essential that we use every day, but it is also naturally the centerpiece of the bathroom. Plus, your choice of toilet and the overall look of your bathroom can say a lot about your taste and personality!

If you are a timeless kind of person, KASTELLOTM Collection would be ideal for you. Featuring symmetrical curves and angles, this range exemplifies the charm of classic beauty and contemporary form. The toilet also features a cover that tapers off to an angle for ease of lift on the seat cover, making its design ergonomically convenient.

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If you are into soft and defined geometrical shapes, then look no further than the SignatureTM Collection. Born out of a medley of geometrical shapes, pillowed surface and defined edges, this range of toilets maximizes functionality and ergonomic design.

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That said, if a sleek and minimalistic look is more your style, then you will love the toilets from the Acacia SupaSleekTM Collection inspired by architectural slim designs, this collection is known for its ultra-thin edges and super sleek lines, presented in a classy and elegant harmony that can elevate the bathroom to a whole new level.

A toilet that is a thing of beauty

Aesthetic aside, a toilet also must be able to perform its most basic function well, and more importantly, contribute towards maintaining the hygiene standard of the bathroom.

The key ingredients of a good toilet are – its flushing, the rim, and the glaze on the ceramic.

The American Standard range of toilets features the ComfortCleanTM anti-bacterial glaze, which contains zinc oxide that inhibits the growth of E. coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl, ensuring a lasting hygienic and safe environment. Similarly, having anti-stain technology such as the Aqua CeramicTM enables water to penetrate between contaminants and the toilet surface, effectively lifting off waste from its surface.

It also makes sense to have a toilet that is designed to remove dirt and grime easily when flushed. Flushing technology such as the SiphonMaxTM ensures a thorough flush with its dynamic vacuum mechanism and the Double VortexTM flushing system creates a strong whirlpool that effectively removes waste. By eliminating the accumulation of dirt and waste, the toilet is easier to clean and maintain over time.

A toilet’s rim technology is an important feature that should also be considered. Take the Power RimTM or the Hygiene RimTM as an example; Due to their rimless design, it makes cleaning easier as it offers a promising easy maintenance with just a single wipe and there are no hidden corners preventing dirt and bacteria from accumulating.

The toilet is always taken for granted and yet it is the centerpiece of every bathroom. The design and the technology that comes with it can make a difference to the look and feel of the bathroom, as well as affect the user experience.

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