Why Your Bathroom Needs A Frameless Shower

Whether you’re renovating your entire bathroom or just want to upgrade your shower area, consider a frameless design. From the look to functionality, we have three reasons why you should ditch the bulky, traditional stall.

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By the nature of their design, frameless showers don’t have the dated metal or plastic fixtures around the edges that form crevasses where dirt, grime, mould etc decay. Gone are the days of having to splurge on expensive chemicals and speciality cleaning devices – with a frameless shower, cleaning is made simple.

Modern Design

Frameless designs are luxurious and capture the essence of a contemporary bathroom aesthetic. The frameless shower is a style statement that compliments multiple tile and stone colours to adapt and create your perfect bathroom. The design of a pure glass look gives a sleek, streamlined appearance to your shower and without metal or plastic framing, the glass itself becomes the focus. The glass elements allow for natural light to flow giving your bathroom an open and bright feel, much like a spa than a traditional suburban bathroom.


Frameless showers are also durable and reliable. While some shower features like curtains can rip, tear, fray or be torn relatively easily, modern shower pane glass is made to resist scratches, cracks and are extremely difficult to shatter. Beside significantly fewer metal components than most framed showers, there is also far less concern over rust. Frameless designs are gorgeous bathroom fixtures that add a modern and luxurious touch to your bathroom.

At American Standard, we are committed to raising the standards of your living and can help you to achieve the beautiful, modern bathroom you desire.