Why You Should Choose An In-Wall Cistern

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When designing or renovating a bathroom, choosing the right toilet can be so important for the design and functionality of the room. With ever changing and developing technology there is so much to consider when choosing the right toilet for your bathroom. In-wall cisterns are a hot bathroom trend, here’s a look at why you should consider it in your next design.

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There is no doubt that concealed cisterns prevail the traditional toilet in terms of aesthetic and style by hiding all bulky plumbing within the wall cavity. This option will complement the streamlined look of a modern bathroom.


If you have a small bathroom or ensuite and space is limited, consider an in-wall cistern. Due to the concealed cistern, you free up a lot of space compared to the traditional close coupled toilets. Even better, a wall-hung pans creates the illusion of a large space by showing more floor space.


This innovation allows for increased comfort as the height at which it is installed can be adjusted, complimented by an American Standard contoured seat, for maximum comfort. This is important if the fixture is designed for the elderly or children’s bathroom, increasing the safety factor of the space.


With reduced compartments, there are less awkward crevices to reach in and clean. The Acacia Evolution range all feature a rimless and skirted design for increased hygiene and speedy cleaning – what more could you want from a toilet?

With superior function and design, in-wall cisterns are certainly Raising the Standard of living. For more bathroom tips and inspiration check out our Instagram.