Introduce Colour Into Your Bathroom

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Our bathroom is a private sanctuary to refresh ourselves for the day, relax and unwind, so it is important to think about the right colours to create a desired mood. While most bathrooms have a neutral or white theme, a pop of colour can put a little character into the room to reflect our personal style. Here are four tips on how to add that touch of colour that your bathroom needs!


A splash of paint is the perfect way to inject some life into the room while leaving a personal stamp with your favourite colours. Not only is this avenue easy and relatively inexpensive, but it is extremely versatile. You can cover the entire room from the walls to the ceiling to make a bold statement, or tone it down to just a singular feature wall to create a focal point. Use as little or as much as you like – it’s all about personal tastes and the atmosphere you want to create.


While most opt for neutral tiles, colourful choices are becoming a popular way to add a unique and bright touch to the modern bathroom. To make a statement without cluttering the room, coloured tiles are perfect for crafting a textured and bold feature wall. If this is too much for your style, add a pop of colour to the vanity splash-back to make a subtle focal point – it’s always important to remember the ‘less is more’ rule!

Towels & Mats

Towels are always a nifty way to put some colour back into your bathroom as there is literally a rainbow of colours and patterns available out there. As an inexpensive item, it is easy to swap colours and designs as your style changes. Similarly, bathroom mats are a functional and eye-catching addition to the space. With so many shades and textures, you’ll have no trouble finding one that enhances the mood of your bathroom!


Decor is always a fun way to add a touch of colour to the room! If you’ve opted for a neutral and minimalistic theme, then decor is perfect for infusing a subtle hint of colour. Try scattering some greenery, candles, a piece of art or even baskets to tie your whole look together and reflect your personal style.

On a final note, it is important to follow a considered colour scheme to create a seamless and collective look. By using a monochromatic scheme or juxtaposing colours that complement each other, your design and decor will help build a cohesively styled bathroom!