How To Create The Perfect ‘His-and-Hers’ Bathroom

5 simple tips

While the bathroom has evolved over time to become a sanctuary for singles and families, it has also become a special place for couples. With comfort and ergonomics as the usual priorities in most bathrooms, there is much room to explore in the aesthetics aspect – for a gender-friendly bathroom.

A bathroom once perfect for just one, could well become a cramped and disorganized for two. A unisex concept could also be tricky to pull off.

Here are 5 tips to maximize comfort and create that perfect dream bathroom environment to indulge together as a couple.


Start with the basics – consider colours and textures when designing a bathroom. While men go for colors like grey and darker shades, these color palettes may not appeal to the ladies. To start the ball rolling, eliminate colors that both parties dislike and pick a color, possibly a mix of neutrals, that both can accept.

White is a perfect colour that promotes neutrality and modernised upshot. It not only reflects a relaxing, fresh and clean environment, but is also easy on the eyes. This is the same reason why modern bathrooms in hotels and other hospitality establishments usually decorate the interiors of bathrooms in white, with clean lines to boot. A quick tip, enhance the white interior with a touch of individuality by adding brightly-colored towels, potted plants and bathroom accessories. This will also denote individual space!


Modern apartments are getting smaller these days, and bathroom spaces naturally also narrow. But designing the perfect ‘his-and-hers’ bathroom doesn’t require that much space, despite needing to accommodate two persons at once. The trick is to install space-efficient fittings and wares to maximise bathroom space.

The lack of counter space is a common bathroom issue. While it may not be ideal to have two sinks as counter space is further compromised, additional shelving can be added in the form of a vanity or a mirror cabinet. If space is available at the sides of vanity, install shelves on each side to free up more space at the sink or have hand towel rods on both sides.

These days, it is common that individuals bring their mobile phones into the bathroom. Some of our American Standard toilets come with a unique tank lid design that doubles as a commodity holder function to safely place personal items such as magazines and phones, and even a potted plant or two!

Taking Sides

Sometimes, it is inevitable to take a side. Men often complain that women take up the most space when it comes to the bathroom or the wardrobe. And perhaps splitting the bathroom space exactly into two sides will provide that solution. In fact, by separating your bathtub and shower area, both parties can get ready at the same time!

How about a ‘his and hers’ intimate wash?

Holiday resorts have ‘his-and-hers’ vanity spaces as a thoughtful gesture for individual prepping. But when it comes to the toilet, does one toilet suffice?

Indeed, one toilet should suffice, especially if it is a toilet with bidet-cleansing functions. American Standard offers a multitude of manual, electronic bidet seats and shower toilets with dedicated dual nozzle cleansing for both posterior and feminine cleansing. Females will appreciate the feminine air bubble cleansing function which carries aerated water for a softer and more delicate cleanse.

Achieving a Balance

It is true that achieving the perfect ‘his-and-hers’ space is a tough balancing act, and moderation is key. Careful coordination in design themes is essential, as mixing-and-matching various bathroom fixtures in different styles may result in a disorganized and sloppy look. Find a common element amongst the fixtures to ensure cohesion in the overall bathroom design.

American Standard’s Flexio Collection, which combines both strong masculine lines and soft feminine silhouettes in its design, is a fitting choice for creating a ‘his and hers’ bathroom. Flexio Collection allows easy pairing to achieve a harmonious balance in aesthetics, appealing to both genders.

Another collection – Concept Nuovo, also offers the design and space versatility required for a gender-friendly bathroom while catering to individual design preferences. The collection features an extensive choice of fixtures and fittings that you can mix-and-match with, while still projecting a balanced, modern interplay of robustness and feminism.

Visit American Standard and start designing your own unique couples’ bathroom today!