Decorative Ideas For Your Bathroom This Christmas

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If you love to get into the Christmas spirit and eagerly decorate your home once the festive season rolls around, make sure you adorne your bathroom as well! Whether you’re hosting the Christmas party and want to ‘wow’ your guests, or simply looking for extra ways to get the kids excited for Santa’s arrival, decorating your bathroom is sure a fire way – we have put together some jolly good decorative ideas for you bathroom this Christmas!

Christmas Wreath

Nothing says Christmas more than a classic wreath and this can instantly transform your bathroom into a wonderland! There are many different sizes and forms, and they can be hung anywhere you want in the bathroom such as on the door or as a feature on the wall. A traditional wreath is perfect for the classically styled bathroom, while one with a silvery or minimalistic touch is perfect for the modern bathroom – no matter the style of your bathroom, there is a wreath to suit!

Small Tree

A Christmas tree – truly iconic! Most of us have a main Christmas tree in the living area, but there’s no reason why the bathroom can’t be decorated with one too! Christmas trees now come in many different colours and the decorative ornaments are endless, so it’s easy to create a theme that matches the style of your bathroom. While classic artificial trees are popular, real Christmas trees are a beautiful option to add a touch of authenticity and lush greenery to the space! Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes, and can be placed in a pot of your choice – to source one, enquire at your local plant nursery!

Festive Colour Palette

Simply injecting a bit of red and green into your bathroom will instantly turn it into a jolly space fit for the silly season! You can do this by switching your classic white towels, shower curtain or bath mats for festive coloured options! There are many different shades of red and green to suit the bathroom such as maroon or mint green – the possibilities are endless to suit your style! To truly complement this festive look, adding touches of copper and gold will inject a little magic into the space! Try candles, vases or decorations with a metallic sheen and watch your bathroom transform into a sparkly Christmas wonderland!

So there you have it, some easy and fun decorative ideas for your bathroom this Christmas! No matter the style, size or age of your bathroom, a little festivity will truly brighten the space, and you can go as lavish as you like or keep it modern and simple.