Choosing The Perfect Flooring For Your Bathroom Style

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The flooring you choose for your bathroom can either make or break the space, so it is important to investigate your options – and, there are a lot of alternatives out there! The right flooring not only provides a functional purpose, but it can tie the whole look of your bathroom together. We have highlighted four different alternatives to suit your style of bathroom.


For a more traditional bathroom style, porcelain tiles are a beautiful touch to create elegance and refinement. There’s an abundant range of porcelain tiles in just about any colour, size and shape. So, choosing the perfect fit, that’ll suit your aesthetic and compliment the bathtub, basin and other bathroom features should be a breeze.

Better yet, in addition to being stylish, porcelain tiles are incredibly functional as have a high water absorption rate.


If you’re budgeting, vinyl flooring is the perfect way to create a beautiful bathroom at a low cost. It is extremely water resistant and durable making it the best option for households with children. Vinyl also comes in a generous range of styles, such as woodgrain effect and an array of patterned options.


Although a little more pricey, natural stone is a stunning, modern touch that adds value to your home. It is sturdy and durable and comes in limited supplies, adding an element of unique, exclusivity. Each slab of stone has distinct veining, which makes a bold statement of modern elegance and style.


Instead of solid hardwood, laminate flooring is the winner to achieve a rustic and earthy bathroom. As lovely as it looks, solid hardwood has no protection against moisture and decays quickly, making it impractical for a bathroom setting. However, laminate flooring portrays the wood aesthetic without the functional pitfalls through its feature of a stiff, clear coating layer to make it last for years.

Although bathroom flooring has many functional benefits, it is significant for a consistent style and aesthetic for your home. At American Standard, we can help you find the perfect bathroom features to match your statement flooring.