Bathroom Trends: Then & Now

We are going to look back at some of the questionable trends that have graced bathrooms throughout the decades and how modern bathrooms have improved upon these moments in design history.

Over the top floral patterns were a common go-to for bathrooms in the 60s, with the classic floral valance quickly phased out. Modern bathrooms still strive to bring the outdoors in but in much subtler and timeless ways. Incorporating natural materials like bamboo to create a more organic yet striking design or a tasteful touch of greenery on the vanity.

The bright, laminate countertops of yesteryear, particularly in the 70’s, are not something you’d see in the modern bathroom. In place of turquoise or orange surfaces, modern bathrooms use more neutral and practical colours and materials such as ceramics, stone or wood with a special focus on marble pieces to create a statement.

In the 80’s the bath was the most common way to cleanse and were very opulent in their design. Oversized bathtubs were often the focal point of rooms, even smaller spaces would boast large tubs surrounded by statement tiles. The showers of the time were often small, cramped spaces, draped with damp curtains, a very opposing image to the modern bathroom which focuses more on aesthetics and functionality, such as rainfall showers or wet rooms.

Let’s talk about storage. The oversized, chunky cabinets that accompanied ‘his and her’ sinks which had a surge of popularity during this era often made bathrooms look cluttered and cramped. Space is used much more economically in today’s bathrooms with stand alone basins and a more slim line shelving area allowing more room for plants and other decorative items that add style and ambiance to the space.

Perhaps the trend we are most happy to see behind us comes from our friend the 90’s… Carpet flooring!

The thought of carpet in your bathroom is odd and a little hard to grasp but was a very real trend. Taking its place is exposed concrete, marble or tile flooring that is easier to clean and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Bathrooms are continuing to improve through innovative designs, technologies and materials, leading to economical, stylish and practical spaces that not only look great but function efficiently and effectively. Thinking about renovating your bathroom? Think American Standard.