5 Ensuite Renovation Tips and ideas

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An ensuite renovation can be an expensive project, but is an extremely worthwhile investment in creating your own personalised haven – with superior functionality. A well-designed and executed ensuite adds value to the master suite, and the overall property. Here are 5 renovation tips and ideas to help ensure you receive the ensuite of your dreams:

1. Plan…and plan a bit more

Planning is essential for any bathroom renovation, but takes a little more time for ensuite as for an ensuite because you are working with a lot less space. Have a strategic layout plan in order before any construction begins to ensure space is being used wisely. This is a trial and error process; so take your time in nailing the small details to avoid costly mistakes along the way.

2. Raise the Vanity

Try to avoid a bulky, traditional floor-standing vanity, instead opt for a wall-mounted vanity. Not only does this add a stylish touch to the room, but also the ‘floating’ position creates an illusion of increased spaced. Better yet, choose one with spacious drawers to hide unwanted clutter.

3. Conceal the Cistern

Similar to the floating vanity, a wall-hung concealed cistern exposes floor space and in-turn contributes to the illusion of more space – critical for ensuites. By concealing the cistern, all space-consuming plumbing is hidden and the style factor of the room is revamped.

4. Let there be light

Increased light has an enormous effect on the size of the room and overall appeal. Apart from an external window for natural light, try recessed lighting to create the perception of a higher ceiling, coupled with a large mirror to reflect the rays.

5. Go Minimalistic

Less is more when it comes to ensuite design and decor, particularly when it comes to colour. Choose white, neutral or soft pastel colours for the walls and tiles to expand the feel of the room. Leave any bold pops of colour to the decor such as a feature plant or floor mat, but don’t overload the room with knick-knacks.