Pull Out Tap

You spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. No wonder, you want everything in your kitchen to be picture perfect. Kitchen tapware is no longer about functionality; it is also about aesthetics. It will add to the convenience and elegance, just the way you want your kitchen to be.

Pull-out taps are designed to please the eye while assuring you of an efficient performance for years to come. Once common to only commercial kitchens, pull-out taps have now become a preferred fitting for households too.

Pull-out taps make it easier for you to complete your tasks faster

These taps reduce kitchen work substantially, leaving you free for other important things in your life. You can start or stop the flow of water with just a simple push. Moreover, the high mounted faucet ensures you get all the space you need when you are working at the sink. No more trying to get your pots and pans, of any size for that matter, away from the sink.

For example, you can pull-out the tap, hold it in one hand and spray over a dirty sink, and clean the sink with the other hand simultaneously. You can adjust the tap settings and customise the flow without interrupting your task.

Pull-out taps get the work done more efficiently than standard taps. For example, with standard taps, cleaning vegetables involves rolling them with one hand under the tap. With pull-out taps, the spray works like a hose, removing all the dirt with more precision and speed, which saves you time, effort and water.

Why Choose an American Standard Pull-out Tap?

American Standard offers an array of quality taps that are all about strength, durability and longevity which gives them a sleek, smooth and brilliant look. The polished finish adds a touch of beauty and elegance and makes these taps stand out in any setting.

Our pull-out taps help optimise the space within and outside the sink, thanks to their spout reach and height. So, it’s possible to place dishes under the tap without overcrowding the sink which could be a common problem with fixed taps for the most.

Our pull-out taps is compatible with a wide variety of sinks — no extensive renovation required to install our pull-out taps. If you have an old sink, and just want to update your tap, you can do it affordably with American Standard pull-out taps.

Choose American Standard Pull-out Taps

Click the link to view pull-out tap, one of the best-sellers, thanks to its fabulous design and exceptional functionality. Their well-thought-out features ensure that your American Standard pull-out tap stays exceptionally useful even after several years of installation.