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Goodbye Dirt, Stains, Bacteria

Introducing HygieneClean™ System - the revolutionary technologies that effectively eliminate dirt and prevent bacteria growth, all while keeping your toilet looking as good as new.
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How Safe Is Your Bathroom?

American Standard HygieneClean™ System is the new standard of safety in the bathroom - delivered by powerful flushing and rimless technologies plus cutting-edge innovations of Aqua Ceramic™ and ComfortClean™.
American Standard provides you with beautiful and purposeful bathroom solutions, which are also safe, clean and hygienic.

Flushing Technology

Hygieneclean double vortex


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Maximum flushing performance, minimum water usage.

With its rimless design and two water ejection holes, our Double Vortex™ design allows for efficient flushing performance while minimizing water usage.


Rimless Technology

Hygieneclean powerrim

Rimless Technology

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Power Rim

Rimless design.

Combined with our advanced flushing technology, our rimless design eliminates hard-to-reach surfaces for an effective removal of dirt and stains.


Rimless Technology

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Hygiene Rim

Truly rimless, cleaned in just one wipe.

With no hard to reach surfaces and unwanted splashes, Hygiene Rim™ redefines cleanliness with easy maintenance in just one wipe.


Hygieneclean hygienerim

Anti-Stain Technology

Hygieneclean aqua ceramic

Anti-Stain Technology

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Aqua Ceramic

Less dirt stains, less water stains.

This award winning Super Hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to the ceramic surface and keep the ceramic clean.

Dirt glides off the surface effortlessly as Aqua Ceramic™ enables water to penetrate between the contaminants and the toilet surface, effectively guaranteeing that waste is lifted off with every flush.


Antibacterial Technology

Hygieneclean comfort clean

Antibacterial Technology

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Long-lasting protection against bacteria and germs.

American Standard ComfortClean™ technology: A revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that inhibits the growth of E.coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond, as proven in tests conducted by Industrial Microbiological Services Limited (IMSL).